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Meet Adriênne Danielle Bolden

Adriênne Danielle Bolden is a true visionary and leader in the creative equity sector. As the Chief Engagement Officer and Founder of Leverage Miami, LLC, Adriênne oversees five successful subsidiaries and brings a decade of experience in luxury lifestyle, strategic communications, and community engagement to the table.

Her reputation as a skilled public speaker, known as Professor Dani, and her expertise in team development and retention has led to significant growth and profits in her career. Dani’s passion for Afrofuturism, charitable giving, and the pursuit of knowledge, along with her high emotional intelligence and authenticity, make her a truly remarkable individual.

Dani’s multifaceted experience encompasses a range of prestigious positions, including a stint as a PEBL Fellow for the LEGO Foundation/TUFTS Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, as well as a tenure as a Program Manager for STEM in Motion, A Mobile TinkerLab at Project SYNcERE. Moreover, her repertoire boasts an adjunct professorship in the Department of Communications at Florida International University. She is also a highly regarded keynote speaker and panelist who champions diversity and inclusion, advocating for a comprehensive societal overhaul to effect positive change.

Ultimately, Dani aspires to infuse her professional pursuits with an unwavering commitment to positivity and zeal, a lofty objective that she relentlessly pursues daily. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University and a Master of Science degree, as well as a Graduate Certification from Florida International University, Dani possesses the requisite knowledge and skills to achieve her ambitions.

During her leisure time, Dani indulges in a range of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, swimming, fishing, and luxury shopping. Moreover, she is a fervent devotee of physical fitness, and is presently engrossed in training for an upcoming marathon. By tracking Dani’s trajectory, one can glean inspiration from her unwavering zeal and tenacity.

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